Privacy policy

Privacy policy

As a legitimate and privacy conscious company we take the privacy of our clients seriously. We fully comply with all privacy laws and use of all data collected by us is only for its intended purpose. All information collected by use is not shared with a third party without explicit written or expressed approval. All data that is collected by us is stored on secure servers that have limited access. The information is only accessible to security cleared staff.

Collected Information

We do collect information that helps us to serve your better. The information collected by us include IP addresses, time of site visit, browser information, browser settings, time and duration of visit etc. These information help in enhancing user experience and also aids us in making the website better. Simple things like storing the preferred language of a visitor helps in loading the website in the preferred language of the visitor without the need to re-load every single time. The collection of browser information helps in optimizing the website to cater to the current browser.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies are used by most websites to store some pertinent data on the visitor’s local drive. The user of cookies helps us to identify repeat visitors and ensure that they have their particular preferences already loaded onto the browser when the visit it. Cookies also enable us to verify log-in credentials directly without forcing the visitors to log-in every single time. Cookies can be easily disabled by visitors. We do not share cookie information with any third party. However, in the event of cookie data being subpoenaed or issued a warrant, then that information is shared to comply with the law enforcement agencies. Data shared in this circumstance remain confidential.

Shared Information

We comply with all privacy laws; hence we do not share any private information with any third party. The information that we shared is general and does not pin point to a person. The data is never shared with third party parties like advertisers, businesses, citizens etc. We are however required in legal cases to share the information that we have, such situations arise in case we are served with search warrants or subpoenas. Apart from submitting information in due process as a law-abiding company we do not share any information without the explicit and written approval.


All trademarks not owned by Geo-counter that appear on the website are properties of their respective owners. They may or may not be connected, affiliated or sponsors to Geo-counter.

External Links

Geo-counter checks the links that are posted on this website. However we do not monitor these websites, hence Geo-counter does not place any guarantee on user experience once they follow the links posted on the website. These websites have their own privacy policies and data collection. Geo-counter uses URL redirector. Thus sometimes when certain search results point to our page we programmatically redirect the browser to the intended website. We do this to refine our service tech.

Policy Changes

By using our website you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. When asked to enter personal information we ask you again to confirm with the terms and conditions and to look at our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy without giving prior notice. We do however inform every one of our policy changes as and when it affects them. We restate that we always make you aware of our privacy policies before we ask you for any personal information.