What is Geo Counter?

Geo Counter is a visitors counter (also called hit counters) which is developed in Adobe Flash to form three dimensional globe widgets for WordPress based websites. Geo counter gets visitors’ IP addresses and uses them to determine visitors location. Based on this information a flag is placed on three dimensional globe with appropriate position.

This widget provides the information about your website use and visitors locations in last 24 hours, 1 month, 1 year or entire time (controlled by widget’s settings). Geo counter is a stylish  widget, so it’ll attract a lot of attention from your blog users. If you are looking for an interesting counter for your WordPress blog, Geo Counter is one of the best counters you can find.

What is a visitors counter or hit counter?

Hit counter or visitors counter is a tool which keeps track of number of visitors who came to the web page or website. There are a lot of different kinds of counters. Simple hit counters usually track only number of visitors per given time; while more advanced counters can keep track of where users came from, how long they stayed on your website, which city/country they came from and much more.

Hit counters usually use cookies or IP addresses to determine if the user is unique. IP address can be also used to determine user country or even a city. Also referrals are used to find out which site user came from and what user had search for.

Hit counters come in many forms. Most of them are not visible entirely and the visitors don’t see them, even though hit counter tracks their actions. There are other hit counters which are visible. Many webmasters like to install counters which show number of visitors in a given time or visitors location (there are actually quite a few ways to display user locations in a counter. Geo counter uses a pretty fancy rotating globe to display users’ locations). There are also counters which show recent referral sites. It helps understand how users are finding the website. Even though this information is interesting for clients, many webmasters choose not to share it with everybody to protect important information about SEO optimization and advertisement strategies.

WordPress Advantages

WordPress supports friendly link management for search engines. It’s build in in WordPress and starts working immediately after installing WordPress. It has ability to create structure with multiple nested page/articles. Another important part of WordPress is tagging, which is very flexible and easy to use. WordPress also supports Trackback and Pingback standards by displaying links to other sites which are linked to other post or articles.