Geo Counter

Version: 1.01
Requirements: Wordpredss 2.8-3.4.2
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How to install Geo Counter on Wordpress

It's pretty simple to install Geo Counter on Wordpress.
NOTE: Currently Geo Counter works with Wordpress 2.8-3.4.2.

  1. Download an archive, extract the archive and upload it to your server to plugins folder: /wp-content/plugins/. (You can also upload archive to plugins folder and extract it there.)
  2. In Wordpress admin area go to Plugins page (it's located in Plugins section). Go to Inactive tab, find Geo Counter there and click Activate link.
  3. Geo Counter menu will appear in your Wordpress admin area. You can use it to adjust settings.
  4. Go to Widgets menu (under Appearance) and drag Geo Counter onto your sidebar. You can also use a special code to add Geo Counter to any post or page. (Special code is: [geocount])

To download Geo Counter visit downloads page.

You can customize Geo Counter to fit pretty much any website (these parameters will be available in Wordpress admin area, after installing widget)

  • By setting the pixel size from 160 pixels to 320 pixels.
  • By choosing different visitors color markers.
  • By selecting a texture for the globe.
  • By providing globe light parameters like luminosity, glow and atmosphere.

Click here to learn more about Geo Counter settings.

By using mouse visitors can interact with the globe. Using mouse the globe can be stopped or rotated in different directions. Using mouse scroll wheel visitors can zoom in and zoom out the globe.

Why Wordpress?

Wordpress is very popular blogging and content management system (CMS) which is free. It has plugin architecture and template system, both of them is very straightforward and easy to use. Wordpress is one of the most used blogging systems on the web.

One of the most interesting and popular feature in Wordpress is rich plugin architecture. This feature allows users to customize pages very easily. Wordpress has database of 22000 existing plugins. This means you can be certain you can find whatever you want.

What is Geo Counter?

Geo Counter is a flash visitors counter which displays users’ locations on the globe. Geo Counter uses IP address to determine visitor location and country. When location and country is determined we place a flag and a marker on the globe. This is a unique and attractive way of displaying users’ location. It’s much more interesting than displaying a list of countries/cities on the page. This is one of the reasons why Geo Counter is so popular. Geo Counter can be customized by webmaster and can be interacted by users with a mouse. You can find more about customizing Geo Counter in Settings section. Also check out how Geo Counter can look with different settings in our Demo section. There you can see live examples of widgets with different sizes, different textures, etc.